houses 2008-2012

“But if I were an artist painting the way Sycamore Street seemed to me, walking along now with Becky.  I think I’d distort the windows of the houses we passed.  I’d show them with half-drawn shades, the bottom edge of each shade curving downward, so that the windows looked like heavy-lidded, watchful eyes, quietly and terribly aware of us as we passed through that silent street.  I’d show the porch rails and stair rails hugging the old houses like protective arms, sullenly guarding them against our curiosity. I’d paint the houses themselves as huddled and crouching, alien and withdrawn, resentful, evil, and full of icy malice against the two figures walking along the street between them.  And somehow I’d depict the very trees and lawns, the street and sky above us, as dark - though it was actually clear and sunny - and give the picture a brooking, silent, fearful quality.  And I think I’d make every color just a shade off-key.”


The Body Snatchers

Jack Finney